NEW! : Slightly updated version
This is still a WIP version might add extra notes like Bring Hot/cold drinks and stuff like that.


Tackling the Tetsucabra
Lost in the Jurassic Frontier
Local Threat
Snow with Ocassional Lagombi
Royal Spit Take
Urgent: The New Tenant


Desert Gourmand
Noise Violation
In Search of Yian Garuga
Operation: Secure Specimen
Royal Assasination
Malfestio Festival
Urgent: A Schocking Scoundrel


Bladed Glavenus
Dark Wings, Dark Work
A Thousand Scales of Dread
Fury Run Afoul
Moonlit Bubble Bath
Heaven and Earth
Urgent: Two-Headed Carcass


Swing into Action
Bug Appetit
Shells of Steel
Birds of a Feather
Urgent: A Plesioth in the Misty Peaks


The intelligent Malfestio
Serpentine Samba
Fin Finder
Worst. Trip. Ever!
You Caught This? I Caught This
Urgent: A Bewitching Dance
Urgent: The Unshakable Mountain God


Duel in th Volcanic Hollow
Master of the Molten Deep
From Whom the Gong Tolls
The Lightning Crown
Bug Buffet
Urgent: Seer of Swords


Stop the Wheel
A Gathering of Wyverns
A Song of White and Lapis
A Cold Set of Armor
Rocked and Rolled
Hammer vs. Blade
Urgent: Hellfire Star

HR35: Kushala, Chameleos, Teostra
HR45: Furios Rajang
HR60: Akantor, Ukanlos
HR70: Amatsu
HR80: Alatreon