Redostrike's Shiny Pokémon

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There are a few things on my site that need to be explained. First of what i want to say i have multiple pokémon games. Most of them i got 2 times some 3. If you want to know how many exact just send me a mail on the contact page and i will post it here on the list.

The first thing i want to explain is what all those words mean in the HOW colum of my Shiny list i will explain them here:


Random means while playing the game i encounter a RANDOM shiny pokémon. Nothing hard to comprehence i guess just a random shiny. These are considerd the best out there as you actully did not really where hunting for it, and you prolly did not think you where going to get it then.


Also known as SR or SR'S. These are very time consuming. The way it works is like this. You save infront of a in world pokémon (a few examples would be the starter pokémons of every game, almost every legendary pokémon in all games, pokémon you get for "free" like lapras in firered/leafgreen or beldum in ruby/sapphire, drifloon [only on friday] in diamond/pearl/platinum, i think you get the point). You press the a button and the pokémon attacks you. You wait until you can see if the pokémon is shiny or not. If it's not shiny (and most likely i will not be shiny for the first try only if your extremely lucky) then you do a SOFTRESET. On the GBA this is A+B+Start+Select button, on the DS(i) systems this is Start+Select+L+R this will restart your game. Then you just start the saved game and hit a again to try for the same pokémon shiny. Until you get it shiny of course. I must say this method can take some time. I did 5 months for my Mudkip but it only took me a few 100 sr's for my Lapras. You need to keep in mind that you bring a well trained team for the legenday pokémons as the fights are going to be huge and you dont wanna see your team been beaten by a Shiny Girantina. Alternativly you can bring a Master Ball with you. The pro for this method is that you are going to get a shiny Legendary pokémon some time. If it takes you 20 months or only 2 days you are going to get one eventually. The cons are you arent actully doing anything your time is not counting upwards, your not training. But i think the pro is worth the effort. There are many people thinking this is going to damage your game/save/ds/gba but this is not trough. Thats why it is called a soft reset.

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