Redostrike's Shiny Pokémon

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These are most of the time to get a specific pokémon. There are alot of area's in the pokémon worlds where only one specific pokémon lives. Paras in Firered/Leafgreen is one example of this. In the cave there is only Paras nothing else. You start by just running into them and defeating/running away from them if he/she is not shiny. There is also something called as Route encountering. I think it speaks for itself, you choose a specific route and start running into wild pokémon until you have one shiny. This can give you any shiny in that route and you can still hope for the right one. There are some tricks you can use. I will explain a few. There are a few pokémon with the abillity Illuminate. This abillty helps you encounter MORE wild pokémon. The second tip is: When you use a repel in the game you will not encounter any WEAK pokémons. This means that a wild pokémon with a higher level than your first pokémon in your party can still attack you. Lets say you want to get an ralts (just an example) and ralts is on route 213 from level 13 trough 15. But on the same route there is a pidgey the max level of the pidgey (in this example) is 13. You could just bring a pokémon that is level 14 and put it on top of your party, then start using a max repel or super repel (buy 400 before hand or something like this) the only pokémon that will be encountered here is Ralts as that is the only wild pokémon there that has a higher level as your first slot pokémon. Keep in mind that even if the first pokémon is knocked out that this method still works. This is also a time consuming task but has some pro's. You can bring a team of pokémons that you need to train. If your into EV training you can also bring these into the fights or give theme exp share. Or you can create a pickup team, train it to high levels and pickup major goods while hunting for a shiny pokémon. In the end you are going to have a lot of rare candy, nuggets, berry's and onther things you can get trough the pickup abillty.


This method envolves getting 2 compatible pokémons into the day care. Then you start driving your bike until they produce eggs. Keep picking up the eggs. I have a favor to put them in boxes and ride them out later. But thats your choise. Keep hatching and getting more eggs until you get a shiny. This method will not give you anything but alot of the same pokémon. If you have pokémon box (for FR/LG/R/S/E games) or Pokémon Ranch (D/P games) then you can fill those games whit these and get the "specail" ones in those games. There is also a Specail method called Matsuda Method in Diamond,Pearl and platinum games. If one of your parrent pokémons is a Foreing language your change of getting a shiny out of it is devided by 4. So this is a great Pro if you can get some foreing pokémons. (Thats why i have a JP Pearl and a JP SoulSilver).

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