Redostrike's Shiny Pokémon

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The pokéradar is an item introduced in the Diamond & Pearl games and is also in Platinum. This device can find more pokémons in a specific place. What this device also can do for you is get shiny's. I will explain the basics of this device here but for more information you need to go search on the internet. There are alot of ways to radar for them but you will need to learn the rules of chaining. The basics. You choose wich pokémon you want to get shiny that is in a very wide grassy area (this does only work for wild pokémon in normal grassy area's. You buy alot of super or max repels (800 or so) alot of balls and you bring a very strong pokémon and a catcher pokémon (false swipe pokémon/sleep inducer paralyzer). Go to the area you choose before and use a repel. Than you set up the radar and start using it (handy would be putting it on the Y button). The grass will shake and you choose one of the shaking ones. If it's the pokémon you want shiny then you defeat it if it's not then you go back to resetting the radar and using it. After you defeated the pokémon the grass will shake again. Now you need to know the rules of chaining to get a good chain going. As these are the basics i'm not going to explain the rules. Do this until you get to 40. Then start resetting the radar until there is a shiny patch. It's different shake from the others. (Check youtube for shiny patch). You can have a shiny patch earlier than 40. Dont go higher than 40 as your changes getting a shiny for 40 or more are the same. Keep in mind that is is just the basic setup and also keep using those repels when they run out. You should check out other sites for more information how to properly chain for shiny pokémon.